AZR BM59 Wood Conversion Kit

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AZR Machine & Tool Co vient de lancer les précommandes pour ce kit de conversion BM59 pour M14 Series, à un prix de 165€. Le BM59, dérivé du M1 Garand conçu par Beretta, fut le fusil d’assaut utilisé par l’armée italienne de 1960 à 1990. Détails dans la suite.

BM- 59 Wood Conversion Kit

Real Steel Background:

Itally adopted the US-designed M1 Garand rifle in (7.62x63mm) and also manufactured it under license. This semi-automatic rifle proved itself well during WWII, but in the late 1950s it was considered outdated and obsolete. The Italian military wanted a new rifle chambered for the NATO-standard 7.62x51mm

Beretta designed the BM59, which was essentially a rechambered M1 fitted with a removable 20-round magazine, folding bipod and flash suppressor/grenade launcher. The BM59 is capable of selective fire.

The BM59 was adopted in 1959 and served with Italian, Argentine, Indonesian and Morocco armies. In the early 1980s, semi-automatic versions were imported to the USA and sold to private collectors. It should be noted that earliest BM59s were manufactured from available US manufactured M1 parts, including re-chambered barrels. (

Real Steel Reference: BM-59

Product Information:

Conversion Stock Kit converts M14 std into the BM-59 Automatic Rifle.

Parts include: Wood Rifle  Stock, Gas Block, Flashider,& Front Sight.

Price :165.00 EUR     +Shipping.


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