DeepFire M4 TRX

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Deep Fire nous présente ce nouveau M4 avec front set TRX, annoncé par son fabricant par un AEG d’excellente qualité – à l’image du reste de la gamme – mais avec un prix attractif (non communiqué pour l’instant). Détails dans la suite.

Dear My Friend, The Deep Fire M4 TRX is your professional issue M4 with a reasonable price.

It’s a airsoft gun designed for hard honest use, devoid of gadgetry accessories yet possesses well thought out accoutrements that should make it perfect for the players of airsoft. It features a 14.5 inch aluminum outer barrel, a multi-position retractable crane stock with an internal battery compartment and a TRX rail system.

The Deep Fire TRX one piece battle rails coat with Anodic Oxide and sandblashing, it have little rough surface and easy to grip.

TRX is a one piece Free Floating Rail with ¨Rotary locking system〃 one-piece design and continuous uninterrupted top rail with the upper receiver

so that you can mounting any tactical equipment and optics on any place of the top rail from the hand guard to the end of the upper receiver.

This set-up provides plenty of room. Users have the option of mounting their optic partially on the upper receiver and partially on the rail. Each marking are laser engraved. Also as the TRX rails are manufactured from CNC machine AL 6063 aluminum which the materials that the aircraft are using are very light-weight and strong. Also the TRX includes some quick-attach rails for accessories, the rails can accept both airsoft and real accessories.

For the battle sights both of the front and the rear sight are made of aluminum and Electro Deposited Coating (EDP),

they are hands-down folding type sights easy to install and to deploy, with no levers to springs to fumble with these sights position apertures at exact factory height.

The cross-locking system ensures sights remain under extreme combat conditions.

A push of a button on the left side folds the sights securely out of the way until you use them again. The rear sights are available with a single large peep, single small peep or dual peep aperture. And the advantage of using this sight is no tools required for adjustment. To the flash hider it using the claymore Muzzle Brake 5.56mm(14mm Anti-clockwise) it is made of steel and machined by CNC, using the method of passivation for coating manufacture and the shape looks so great. It is an attacking head and make the whole gun be more attractive.

The Deep Fire TRX M4 AEG have one piece metal outer barrel and free float design.

The upper and lower receivers is made of metal and fit together snugly and are designed for quick fieldstrip simply by removing the front lower receiver locking pin which allows and upper receiver to slide forward off the lower receiver.

So you can change any upper receiver set that you like for your own style.

Also when you kicking the colting handle that the dust cover will also open, operation as same as the real guns. The internals of the airsoft gun shows the highest quality craftsmanship from the Deep Fire for such a reasonable priced AEG.

A one piece new designed hop-up unit is used to ensure consistent and reliable feeding as well as trajectory, the new design of hop-up is similar to the Systema PTW and some parts common with PTW Hop-up parts , users easier to find parts , when Deep Fire upgrade the hop-up parts , PTW users also benefit. Is a new evolution hop-up for the AEG. Most standard AEG have an internal diameter of 6.08 mm barrel and will be made either brass or aluminum,

but the Deep Fire TRX M4 a 6.04mm steel inter barrel is used in other word it will give you better shot-to-shot consistency and

this should translate into better overall accuracy and shooting a high rate of fire. The entire gearbox has been re-engineered from the ground up and engineered to outperform in extreme conditions, a reinforced 6mm Gear box utilizes 6mm oilless bushings. Using the oilless bushing because it can support for any power of the spring and provide a reliable performance when playing with your friends,

if using the bearing instead of the bushing, so whenever you use a huge power of spring the bearing cannot support for the force then will be break very easy

but the bushing would not face this incident. The heat treated precision gear set is full Titanium Standard Torque it is the most strong and ultimate reliability for high speed and extremely power. The gears were properly shimmed. The ported piston head and well-fitting o-ring for a nice seal and a bevel gear with five reverse latch teeth

and a decent nozzle resulting in the crisp operation of the weapon Neatly wired and everything locked into place nice and secure where they were supposed. This results in a tighter fitting, better performing AEG. The Deep Fire AEG shoots a amazingly well.

Deep Fire have comprehensively torture tested numerous samples for literally tens of thousands of shots each using a wide array of BB brands. The TRX series performed flawlessly. The samples tested averaged 380 fps with 0.20g KSC BBs. BBs sailed straight for 160 feet, a pleasant surprise to the airsoft player as they expected an effective range of only about 120 feet or so. Without a doubt. The appearance of the airsoft rifle and the internal reliability makes this one highly desirable gun.

For the Deep Fire TRX M4 there will be totally 9 different types and the most special are we will produce both black and dark earth colour for all types of the TRX M4.

So the airsoft player can choose the famous colour that they like and suitable for playing.


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Tiens il manque l’indicateur de position de tir sur la photo avec la miss

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on dirait un gr3000 avec le garde main

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Qui d’ailleurs a le doigt sur la détente… Mais on a l’habitude. 🙂

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Le Bûcheron-Trappeur buveur de bière qui fait du traîneau à chiens et vit dans un igloo avec des ours polaires

Boarf Deep Fire, haute qualité… C’est décent, certes, mais pas « professionnal issue » lol.

Ceci dit, je suis bien curieux de leur « nouveau hopup ».

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