MadBull Airsoft – Canons externes Daniel Defense en acier

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Petite actualité chez MadBull Airsoft qui nous présente cette gamme de répliques des canons externes sous licence Daniel Defense. Onze tailles disponibles au total, en espérant que vous y trouverez votre bonheur.

Madbull Airsoft is proud to announce our latest product, the licensed steel Daniel Defense Outer Barrels.

About real Daniel Defense barrels:
All Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrels are made from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility located in Black Creek, GA. In keeping with our heritage of not cutting corners, all cold hammer forged barrels feature a forged chamber and heavy phosphate exterior coating. They are all MP tested on-site and are available in multiple configurations. These barrels will prove themselves to be more accurate and last longer than a barrel that has cut or button rifling. »

Airsoft version: MadBull licensed DD barrels are made of machined steel

Key Features:

  • Authentic Daniel Defense markings
  • Machined steel for realistic weight (heavier than aluminum barrel)
  • Phosphate finish, like real steel

More info & photos:

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Enfin de l’acier chez Madbull !!!!!!

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Bah alors Lordof’ , tu nous fais pas ton taillage de Madbull ?

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the skunk

😀 😀 😀

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Vash the stampede

@Warrii57 : Bah non, il n’a pas cours aujourd’hui, il doit être parti en vacances 🙂

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@Vash the stampede : Ah , ceci explique cela 😀

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