MadBull Airsoft – Daniel Defense MFR 7 » / 9″ / 12″

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A voir du côté de MadBull Airsoft une nouvelle série de rails CNC Modular Free Float Handguard sous licence Daniel Defense. Trois tailles annoncées : 7, 9 et 12″. Caractéristiques dans la suite de l’article.

The Daniel Defense MFR(Modular Float Rail) is a CNC Machined Modular Free Float Handguard. It is specifically designed to adequately cover a low profile gas block on a carbine or mid-length gas system barrel. The MFR has been engineered to provide each shooter with the ultimate in modular adaptability. Should the shooter desire, the tube can be run “slick” with an unitterupted top rail that runs the length of the tube. In addition, the installation of Modular Picatinny Rails is accomplished with little effort. This allows you to have rails anywhere you need them and nowhere you don’t. The slim profile feature of the MFR 12.0 keeps the shooter’s support hand close to the bore which aids in firearm manipulation, and the design and construction allow for the attachment of Picatinny Rail Sections at standard 90 degree or offset angles.

Package includes:

  1. MFR 12.0 Free Float Hand Guard with Mounting Hardware
  2. 3” Modular Picatinny Rail Sections with Mounting Hardware
  3. Hardened Steel Barrel Nut
  4. Set Screws


  • Fully licensed by Daniel Defense
  • Free floating design that enhances accuracy*
  • Black anodize (Real steel is Military level III hard coat with Teflon coating)
  • Blocked gas pipe tunnel to prevent mis-use on real guns
  • Light Weight
  • T6-6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
  • Slim Profile
  • Comes with 3 Mil-spec Picatinny Rails Sections
  • Rail Sections can be removed completely for a slick handguard look or adjusted in different configurations to suit the shooters needs

More Info and Photo:

MadBull MKT

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vive le changement a quand des couvre couvre-rail 😆

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