Socom Gear – Robinson Arms XCR-RDC

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L’équipe de communication de MadBull Airsoft nous annonce que la réplique du XCR-RDC (Rapid Deploy Carbine) sous licence Robinson Armsprésentée début janvier, est désormais disponible. Nous n’avons pas d’information sur le prix, mais elle ne devrait pas tarder à rejoindre les catalogues des revendeurs habituels de Socom Gear / Echo 1.

Socom Gear Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR RDC AEG
Socom Gear Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR RDC AEG

The Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR – RDC is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SOF Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR competition. Manufacturing by SOCOM GEAR ensures very high end quality and performance. Clocking in at about 390 FPS / 1.4j from its 120 round midcap magazine, this is most definitely an out-of-the-box skirmish ready weapon. What separates the XCR –RDC is its extended carbine length outer barrel and rear-wired fixed stock for rear battery storage. The XCR – RDC features an integrated rail system for mounting anything from vertical grips to lights. It also features a fully functional ambidextrous bolt release. It takes a standard type AR magazine so sourcing extra magazines could not be simpler. The weapon comes with a blaze orange tip flash hider. The gun will feed standard M16 magazines and uses 14mm CCW threading for more flash hider and silencer options.

Package include:

  • 1 x SCG XCR- RDC
  • 1 x 120 round Magazine
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x cleaning rod


  • Carbine length outer barrel
  • Rear wired, rear battery storage
  • Adjustable fixed stock
  • Full Length Rail
  • Ambidextrous Bolt Release
  • 45 Degree Fire Control Selector
  • Full licensed trade marks

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