OP Falkenhorst : 27-29 Mars 2015 en Pologne

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Avis aux adeptes de parties démesurées : un événement à échelle Européenne se prépare pour l’année prochaine du côté de la Pologne. « Falkenhorst : Conquest of Zadar » est une partie orientée milism, qui mettra en jeu des véhicules, de la pyrotechnie, et d’autres surprises. Toutes les informations dans la suite de l’article.



Province of Zadar was always a bone of contention between Kingdom of Galdania, Republic of Tangau and Mechanian Federation. Zadar, which was populated almost equally by a native Galdanians, Tangaus and Mechanians, for centuries was a source of many goods, including wood and many metals from the mines. Coming from one country to another, after bloody Zadarian War in the 1962-1965 it was decided to scede the control over province to UN for 50 years.

Now, 50 years after this decision the UN mandate is expiring. 2-years long negotiations about future of Zadar didn’t bring any peaceful solution. While Mechanian federation is struggling through internal problems and is not taking part in the conflict at the moment, Galdania and Tangau are trying to gain rights over province. What is worse, the strong propaganda accompanying the talks has inflamed the nationalist spirits on both sides. Both governments know that any concessions are not an option, because it will be recognized as a proof weakness.

The UN mandate expires at 27th march at noon. After that there is no doubt – the war will begin…


Falkenhorst is an international airsoft milsim event in Lower Silesia, Poland taking place between 27 – 29th March. Falkenhorst presents a regular full-scale conflict between two equally developed fictional countries: Kingdom of Galdania and Republic of Tangau.

Our event is prepared for people who would like to participate in an simulation of combat between hierarchically organized armies. Those of you, who enjoy combat between large units in an interesting environment shall join the regular battalion-based army. Participants, who would prefer more special-ops operations and direct hits behind enemy lines we recommend joining the Galdania’s or Tangau’s special operations commands, which will need volunteers for their Task Forces and Long Range Reccon Patrol’s units.

Whole event is taking place in a forested and mountainous area of Złotoryja approximately 35 kilometres to Czech Republic and 60 kilometres to German border.


  • Official event site
  • Official Facebook site

What the Falkenhorst IS NOT:

  • Few hours long sunday party
  • Free for all happytrigger game

CONTACT (english only): falkenhorst.event@gmail.com

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